How did COVID affect marital lives and increase the number of divorces?


COVID pandemic acted as a pause in our lives and people were able to spend more quality time with their loved ones. It helped them to strengthen their bonds with their family members and friends. But at the same time, in some cases, this quarantine negatively affected physical health, mental health, and relationships. Let’s dig deeper to understand the relationship between the COVID pandemic and divorces.


What do the facts say?

According to some statistics, the sales of online self-help divorce agreements (in the US) rose by 34% in 2020 in comparison to 2019. Moreover, 25% to 35% increment was recorded in requests to start divorce proceedings in April & July 2020. Even if we compare the statistics with India, the result is not different. According to the data provided by the lawyers of family courts (Visakhapatnam), there is around a 30% hike in divorce petitions. Around a dozen of divorce petitions are filed every day in court. Moreover, the ratio of young couples with less than 5 years of marriage is higher than other couples seeking a divorce.


What may be the reasons?

Many family counselors, lawyers, and psychologists believe that the causes of the sudden increase of divorce applications are things like financial insecurity, infidelity, incompatibility, unrealistic expectations, dissatisfied sexual life conflicts with in-laws, etc which got highlighted due to spending more time at home during the pandemic. These issues were prevailing in their marriage but due to the hectic schedule, people were able to give them some space in the mainframe, and hence their cart of marriage was rolling smoothly.

Many people had disagreements about COVID (especially considering their children). People have different outlooks on COVID. Many didn’t believe in its existence and thought that this illness is not a threat to their children. So they allowed their children to travel or go maskless. Whereas some spouses were on a completely different side. Another argument was- if their children should be homeschooled or attend public school.



It is clear that the pandemic has affected marital lives. There are multiple reasons that are leading to separation. Also, we can't forget that the pandemic has also affected the mental health of the people which has in return disrupted their tolerance and patience levels. This can also be one reason why people are not in the favour of adjustment anymore.


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