Can IBS lead to unnecessary weight gain?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a complicated digestive disorder that affects the large intestine. This condition can lead to increased bouts of diarrhea or constipation. The person may experience some other symptoms like bloating, stomach pain, etc. But can it lead to weight gain? Let’s figure it out in the upcoming sections.

IBS symptoms can influence eating habits that can lead to weight gain

One of the common IBS symptoms is bloating and the majority of IBS patients experience it. According to the experts, bloats can be classified into 2 types (in IBS condition). This classification is performed on the basis of the region of its occurrence; i.e., above the belly button (upper gastrointestinal/GI) & below the belly button. The upper GI bloat leads to a burning sensation in the gut and cramps in the stomach. To get relief from these symptoms, many people switch to cold food items like ice cream, cold coffee, etc. Consumption of these food items (in excess) can lead to weight gain.


Eating habits in IBS suffers can lead to weight gain

IBS can affect health in many ways (including physical and mental aspects). For instance, it seems that this health condition is often associated with negative emotions like anxiety and depression. These emotions can build the habit of overeating which is also known as emotional eating. It refers to an eating habit that develops when people find their comfort in food and hence tend to overeat whenever they are upset or nervous.

Also, many people find eating sensations more soothing to forget their stomach aches or abdominal pain. Continuously eating food and consuming calories more than the requirement can surely lead to weight gain. Many people also skip the “greens” and opt for processed or junk food that worsens up their health condition.

Lifestyle factors that can affect weight

Apart from eating habits, there are many factors that play an important role in the weight and symptoms of IBS patients. Dehydration and a sedentary lifestyle can slow down the metabolism of the body, accumulate fat, and lead to constipation. In such a scenario, the weight will be gained.


But there are cases in which the IBS patients lose their interest in food due to discomfort or pain in the abdomen. Such cases can lead to weight loss.


Other medical reasons that can lead to weight gain/loss

There are some hormones that are present in the digestive tract and are responsible for regulating weight. Due to IBS, the levels of these hormones are disrupted and directly lead to fluctuation in body weight.

What should an IBS patient do to avoid weight gain?

As we discussed above, the prime reasons for weight gain are bloating, the habit of overeating, and pain. Working on these reasons can help in maintaining healthy body weight and managing their health condition. Let’s discuss a few tips that can be helpful in the same.

-Add more fibers & greens: It is important to add leafy vegetables and fibers to your diet. You can add fruits, whole grains, pulses, etc.

-Avoid the “unhealthy & sugary” items: You should avoid food items that include sugar substitutes, preservatives, caffeine, etc. Moreover, ditch some habits like drinking, smoking, and eating junk food.

-Eat smaller portions: Divide your meals into 5-7 parts and consume them in small protons. In this way, your digestive system will be able to work smoothly and you will be able to get some relief in your condition.

-Keep yourself hydrated: It is important to intake at least half your body weight (pounds) in fluid ounces. This requirement may slightly differ according to the lifestyle of the person.

-Exercise and manage stress: Meditate regularly to flush off negative thoughts and emotions. Exercise every day for at least 10-15 minutes to improve digestion.



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