Future of Gyms in India

The Global Fitness Industry revealed that 96 billion USD just crossed in the year 2019. Great to know that even in the pandemic-induced disruptions people have not stopped and the industry witnessed a growth in the gym subscribers in the past two years. Perplexed? What worked in the favor of the fitness industry? Well, it is adaptability and resilience. When the office shifted to work from home, the gym industry also offered remote solutions for their enthusiast to carry out fitness session in routine. Let us dig out the more detailed development of this industry!

2021 – The Year When Fitness Graph on Peak

Most of us thought that lockdown would lower our capabilities and force us to live in a cage. However, contrary to that, people took out some time to think about their lifestyle and switched to healthy habits. Recent reports showed that-

  • Around 75% of Indians consumed home-cooked food
  • where 47% were going for regular health checkups,
  • 54% were on daily exercise, and
  • 30% upgraded fitness while using the advanced devices and apps.

Adding to that, fitness apps “downloading” recorded 156% increments during the time of the pandemic, which is the highest in any country. 

The trends of fitness in India and other countries thrived and grew exponentially. People began to manage their work and gym sessions altogether to live a better and healthy lifestyle. Even, after March 2020, smart wristbands and wristwatches became quite popular. A big jump observed in the Indian wearable market that is around 170.3% in Q1 2021 as more and more people have noted daily water consumption, heart rate, sleep cycles, daily steps counting, calorie intake, and so forth. 

The Role of AI in the Gym Industry

With the sudden increase of corona cases, fitness technology is more prone to adapt to hybrid and online workout modules. One such technological advancement is Metaverse. Advance fitness technology enables fitness lovers to pursue their fitness goals with the help of interactive and immersive workout games. These games especially designed using AR and VR-based technologies. Several body movement exercises, dancing, sword fighting, boxing, and music-mapped routines easily checked with the latest technologies. 

A metaverse is certainly an amazing option where people are grouped in online mode and can organize cycle racing, group training, and running sessions with people all around the world, no matter where you are sitting at this moment. 

The metaverse supported by the applications that are making the journey of users more compelling and immersive. For example, block chain-based applications are allowing users to earn tokens when they complete particular tasks given in the fitness modules. These tokens can help you to unlock new sessions/fitness modules, buy fitness equipment, and even book live coaching given by eminent personalities. 

AI in the fitness industry is just the beginning of the story of innovation. There is a long way to go. The market expected to grow by almost 60 billion USD by the coming year 2027. With this, we can say, people will be able to have superb experience in tech-led training sessions.

Online fitness will dominate offline fitness!

Time has shown that there is no need to go for offline classes to achieve fitness goals. You can achieve your fitness goals easily if you are determined for your aim. This technology-led era compelled us to believe online fitness will dominate. Pre 2020, the fitness industry cluttered and we all were dependant on brick and mortar establishments, but in the pandemic dynamic years, we observed that fitness industry pushed us to a digital era where we can connect online mode effortlessly.

The Final Note

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