Can hitting the gym help in managing and curing IBS?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a gastrointestinal disorder that can turn one’s life upside
down. It affects the large intestine and shows symptoms like cramping, abdominal pain, acidity,
bloating, diarrhoea/constipation, etc. Only a small proportion of patients experience severe
symptoms, and such symptoms make the person feel uneasy. It is observed that IBS patients
cannot focus on their routine activities and feel depressed.
IBS is a medical condition that can be controlled easily. But how? There are many myths about
it. GSB Fit has helped many IBS patients in treatment. According to our experience, a slight
change in the daily routine can help treat IBS. Can exercise help cure IBS? Let us answer this
question in the upcoming sections.
IBS and exercises
Exercise can help stimulate the brain and body, and it helps manage stress and improve muscle
strength. These are the most important things that one should keep in mind for managing this
disorder. According to research by World J Gastroenterol, increased physical activity for 12
weeks can help in getting positive effects in IBS.
Exercises help in reducing stress levels and improve quality of life by stimulating all organs of
the body. Physical activity helps in improving problems like constipation, gastric problems, etc.
There are many other ways through which exercise can be helpful in improving the medical

Benefits of exercises
Improve nervous system
It is observed that the health of the nervous system is in poor condition in IBS patients. Hitting
the gym and doing some exercises can help in stimulating the nervous system and improve the
help of the nervous system.
Release stress
Stress is the culprit of many health problems, including IBS. Exercises can help release stress
from the mind and improve mental as well as physical health. Moreover, it generates some happy
Improves psychological health 
Exercises help in training the mind for handling stress and emotional trauma. So exercises help
in keeping an emotional balance.

Exercises that you can include in your workout to cure IBS
Yoga to improve digestion and uplift mood
There are many poses that you can try to improve flexibility, digestion & mental health.

Tai Chi to regulate the flow of energy
This technique helps in improving the inner flow of energy and connects the body with the
breath. It helps in reducing physical and emotional stress.
Gentle walks for easiness
Walking helps in improving digestion and reducing the uneasiness caused due to acidity or
constipation. So run or walk at least for 30 minutes in a week for positive results.

So, it is proved that exercises can help in treating IBS conditions. Hitting the gym can help to
perform a variety of exercises under supervision. If you want a personal consultation, the you
can contact our experts anytime. We will help in curing IBS naturally.