Stammering: How to help your kid in overcoming the problem of stuttering?

Our speaking skills define our personality, and hence people always work on their speaking skills, including fluency, accent, etc. Moreover, there are many professions in which the prime requirement is your communication skills. But people who suffer from the stammering problem have to struggle in society due to the parameters set for the ideal candidate in such professions. Moreover, this problem further lessens the confidence levels and limits the person from achieving their goals. This problem is not something that develops overnight, and in the majority of cases, people suffer from it from their childhood. Let’s discuss it and how to help your kid in overcoming this problem.

What is stammering/stuttering?

It is a speech disorder in which the person usually repeats a sound, interrupts while speaking a sentence, or prolong sounds. According to experts, kids with mild stammering problems are afraid to communicate with anyone because other children tease them for this problem. Moreover, they are afraid of reading aloud in class or participating in group discussions or debates. The problem of stuttering can affect the academic performance and social life of the child. It leads to the development of inferior complexion in the personality. Moreover, it is said that around 5 in 100 children and 1 in 100 adults stutter. If this problem is developed in adulthood, then it may be caused to some trauma or brain injury.

As per the audiologists and speech pathologists, it is said that people usually stammer because there is a mismatch between thought and articulation. This happens when people (or children) try to speak before thinking.  But if the problem is frequent in the speech, then the problem may be psychological. Many children stutter due to nervousness and anxiety.

Is it curable?

Yes, stuttering can be healed with the help of professionals, but the treatment plan depends on the cause of stuttering. GSB Academy offers a treatment plan through a holistic approach that can help get some positive effects on this problem as well as health.

How can you help your child in reducing the symptoms of stammering

  • Encourage them to slow down their rate of speech

The rate of speech plays an important role in the problem of stuttering, and speaking slowly can help in reducing this problem to a great extent.  So encourage your kids to take deep breaths and pauses while speaking.

  • Engage with them in practice sessions

Practice makes a man perfect, and practicing some tongue twisters with your child can help them in overcoming this problem. They will be able to speak tough words or sentences in a single row without any interruption.  It will also boost the confidence level of your kid.

  • Meditation sessions to get rid of anxiety

As we discussed that anxiety and nervousness could lead to the problem of stammering, and hence you should motivate your kids to meditate. There are some shreds of evidence that prove that some mind relaxing techniques can be effective in reducing the problem of stuttering.

  • Keep a check on every minor progress.

The best way to motivate your child is to mark every progress by recording the audios. It will help your kid to know their weaknesses and how they have improved.

  • Become their fan

There may be some syllables or words that may be difficult to pronounce for your kids. But you should respond to them like a fan and not a critic who is always teasing or judging them. This will make them more confident about themselves.

Last note

These are some ways to help your kid in overcoming the problem of stammering. But it is better to seek expert advice for help and explore other treatment methods.


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