IBS and anxiety- Are they interrelated?

Anxiety is the culprit of many health issues. From heart problems to problems related nervous system, stress can become a reason for many acute and chronic health issues.

If we talk about IBS, it is also known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and can disrupt the daily routine of the person.  This digestive disorder not only deteriorates the physical but also the mental wellbeing of the person. But now the question arises if like other health problems, IBS is associated with anxiety or not. Let’s discuss the same in the upcoming sections.

According to experts, around 60% of IBS patients suffer from one or more psychiatric problems and generally, this problem is anxiety. Basically, people with anxiety tend to worry about everything in their life. Such habits can lead to things like upset stomach, muscle aches, trembling, insomnia, irritability, and dizziness.

Theories related to anxiety and IBS

  • Although anxiety can’t cause IBS but can exaggerate the health problem as IBS patients with anxiety are prone to emotional breakdowns.
  • Stress and depression can even stimulate the brain to turn on some pain signals in the gut and worsen the situation (IBS) and the patient becomes more cautious about the spasms (in the colon).
  • Stress can trigger the immune system which in return can lead to problems like IBS.

How are anxiety and IBS interrelated?

It is observed that controlling stress and anxiety can help in improving health conditions in IBS patients. Our gut gets influenced by emotions. This is the reason why you get butterflies in the stomach when you are nervous.  So, the gut has the ability to control how the food will be digested in the body. It sends signals to the brain which can, later on, react with the colon. Hence IBS & emotions are interrelated.

How to keep stress under check?

  • Talk to your near & dear ones

Discuss your life problems with your friends & family. They can help you find a which can solve your problem. Moreover, you will feel less burdened with stress.

  • Keep exercising daily

Exercises can help in releasing stress and help in the normal contraction of the bowels. You can start with some simple exercises like walking, running, etc.

  • Adding some mind-body exercises

You can add some exercises that can release the negative flow of energy from the mind as well as the body. It includes exercises like yoga, meditation, tai chi, etc.

  • Get quality sleep

Sleeping patterns play an important role in controlling stress. Many people are unable to sleep due to stress. So fix a particular time for sleeping and ensure that you get enough sleep.

  • Switch to a healthy diet

Your behaviour is triggered by the food you eat. People eating a balanced diet have a great ability to handle stress.

Get IBS treated naturally with GSB Fit

Now you can get IBS treated naturally with the help of GSB Fit. It is seen that many times, this condition is identified as constipation and diarrhoea. This is why the patient didn’t get any relief. We can help in improving the condition in a few weeks with the help of a holistic approach which also encourages patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle.