Can IBS Become the Reason for Suicide?

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is a digestive disorder that has symptoms similar to constipation and diarrhea. Moreover, one has to suffer from recurring pain. There are enough pieces of evidence to prove that this problem can lead to poor quality of life. It can affect the social and professional life of the person. But the question is if this health condition can lead to suicidal thoughts. Let’s discuss the same in the upcoming sections.

The Rome committee published a few clinical diagnostic criteria that can help detect IBS. According to some statistics, it is said that around 11% of the global population suffers from this problem. There can be multiple causes of this problem, but nothing is clear to date. But it is said that our mental health can influence the health condition in IBS patients. Stress worsens the condition, and the routine is disturbed. This is the reason why many IBS patients suffer from a state of depression.

The relationship between panic disorder (PD), psychiatric problems, and IBS

Many studies suggest that people suffering from PD tend to suffer from other health issues like IBS. The prevalence of IBS in PD patients is around 25%-44%. Moreover, they have increased levels of cytokines. Also, one of the most common psychiatric problems in IBS patients is depression. It is said that around 10% of patients with IBS (diarrhea) feel depressed. They even have suicidal thoughts. Though the relationship between the same is not clear enough, there are some studies and surveys which prove that mental health influences physical health of IBS patients.

Many patients find IBS as an extremely tough (physical/emotional) condition to live with. This is why IBS patients sometimes fall into a dark pit that makes them think negatively about themselves. Moreover, many patients feel embarrassed to discuss the symptoms with the professional, and it worsens their condition.

So IBS can’t directly lead to suicide. But it can influence the life of the person in such a way that it can compel the IBS patient to think some negative things.

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